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Black Hornet MKA-3 Cherry MX Black Switch edition

Cherry MX Black switches:Every dedicated gamer’s dream mechanical keyboard is here! Why settle for a membrane keyboard that will tire your fingers when you can get the Black Hornet fully equipped with the Cherry MX Black switches! This mechanical keyboard will respond seamlessly to your every command due to the fact that it gives you a smooth feel without the tactile bump. Hitting a wrong key at a crucial point never becomes a problem with the Cherry MX Black Switch as it requires a high actuation force.

Black Hornet MKA-3 Cherry MX Red Switch edition

Cherry MX Red switch: Need a lighter variant from the Cherry MX Black switches? Now Black Hornet is equipped with Cherry MX Red switches too! These linear switches require low actuation forces, making it easier during push downs and thus does not tire during long hours of gaming.

Backlighting on gaming cluster keys:Gaming in the dark becomes easier with all keys having backlighting with special characteristic yellow backlighting for the gaming specific; WASD, arrow, escape and spacebar keys.

6 fully Macro-AbleTM keys:You don’t have to waste time executing your highly specific, signature moves because this bad boy comes loaded with 6 fully Macro-AbleTM keys. Most useful for single-person shooter games, you can customize your keyboard’s effective time, response time, polling time and backlights. This keyboard will do everything you need it to, literally. Once you go black, you’ll never go back

Black Hornet MKA-3 Cherry MX Brown Switch edition

Cherry MX Brown switch:This version of the Black Hornet comes with the Cherry MX Brown switch, which is ideal for precise response gaming and typing. This switch comes with a light tactile “bump” to let you know your key has been activated which is a common preference amongst casual gamers.

Perfect for both casual and gaming use: As this version of the Black Hornet comes with the Cherry MX Brown Switch which stands on a neutral ground between gaming and typing it is perfect for the casual gamer, this keyboard is durable, quick and smart.

Black Hornet MKA-3 Cherry MX Blue Switch edition

Cherry MX Blue switches: Casual gamers, who type as much as you game, this version of Black Hornet equipped with Cherry MX Blue switches would be better suited for you. The distinctive “click” sounds sets Blue mechanical switches apart from the rest, with the tactile “bump”  which activates the key you’ve pressed. Brown and Blue switches are quite alike in terms of specification, only that the Blue switch is lighter and tends to be noisier too.


  • High quality Cherry MX Black and Brown switches and long life up to 50 million operations
  • 87 mechanical switches built-in with backlight effects.
  • 6 fully Macro-Abletm keys
  • Adjustable keys effective time in 7 speed transmission from 1ms ~ 16ms
  • Adjustable polling rate: 125Hz/250Hz/500Hz/1000Hz
  • Multimedia keys with built-in program
  • Adjustable keys respond time
  • Adjustable backlighting effects on keyboard button
  • Yellow lighting characteristic gaming keys for WASD and arrow keys
  • Gaming mode option for deactivation of windows key
  • Detachable USB cable design with cable management system
  • 1.5 meters multiflex cord wrapped with ultra-durable cable jacket.
  • Built-in onboard memory – 32KB
  • Intensified thick 1.8m USB cable for better durability


  • Keyboard interface: USB wired
  • Total keys: 87
  • Cable length: 1.8m


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