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Armageddon AK-300
IDR 180,000
Armageddon KAI-13
                      Feature Driverles...
IDR 460,000
Armageddon KAI-3
IDR 325,000
Armageddon MKA-3
                       Black Hor...
IDR 1,190,000
Armageddon MKI-3
                      Feature Mechanica...
IDR 690,000
The AK-770i is a multimedia and gaming keyboard that has 3 different adjustable back-light colors and the gaming clusters keys (W, A, S,...
IDR 300,000
Armaggeddon KAI  5
Designed with the essential Keyboard Active Illumination, our codenamed KAI-5 has been a popular choice amongst gamers. With its promine...
IDR 360,000
Armaggeddon KAI-9 NightHawk
The Sentinel KAI-9 is a Macro Programmable, fully backlit gaming keyboard with onboard memory. 6 Macro-ableā„¢ Keys and 3 Profiles on-the-fly mean th...
IDR 460,000